Monday, January 23, 2012

Morphing Nursing and Educational Theories

Among the chaos of a raining weekend and a smorgasbord of other engagements, I managed to somehow managed to make progress in my graduate curriculum design course. The goal for the week is to develop a lesson plan. A core component was to select a theory to guide curriculum design (previous post).

Spending a couple of hours scanning through the textbook and exploring articles online, I thoroughly drowned myself in boredom and the complexity of trying to decipher theoretical frameworks. Eventually, I attempted to explore my favorite nursing theory, Artinian's Intersystem Model. In her latest edition, an adaptation is applied to nursing education. Interestingly, I was able to merge the Intersystem Model with Instructional Technology process as diagramed below.

It may still may look complex, but when broken apart, it's simply the nursing process and the interactions between student and teacher. In the coming weeks, I will elaborate on why I believe merging the two theories can allow for great success in advancing nursing education along with innovative ideas for teaching with technology.

Mean while, read up on Instructional Technology and Artinian's Intersystem Model.