Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Improving Nursing Program Evaluation using Social Networking

Title/Author/Journal Citation

Story, L., Butts, J., Bishop, S., Green, L., Johnson, K., & Mattison, H. (2010). Innovative strategies for nursing education program evaluation. Journal of Nursing Education, 49(6), 351-354.

Hypothesis/Research Question/Purpose

The purpose of the article is to describe the innovative approaches one school of nursing used to overcome program evaluation issues.


Traditional methods of collecting evaluation data were reviewed along with newer methods made available by recent technological and other advances. Surveys were modified and shortened to increase ease of use. Social media sites and online survey tools were also implemented to help increase response rates. Traditional physical mailers and email based was also continued with revamped methods.


Results have been tracked via response rates. Both employer satisfaction survey and Alumni survey response rates were near 0% prior to implementation. After just one term of use, the newer strategies have increase rates by 17% and 52% respectively.


Advantages and disadvantages of the newer innovations are discussed. Largely, with online social media, participation rates depend on how many users are actively using their accounts. However, the results of this one school show that “the movement toward the online social networking paradigm along with web-based surveys translates to successful, reportable evaluation results for nursing programs.”

Limitations and Ideas for Future Studies

Sampling Bias was specifically identified as a major contributor to the limitations of the study due to the use on online social media.