Thursday, June 23, 2011

Nursing + Education = Nursing Education

The common trend, and expectation, for nursing faculty has been decades of experience before teaching in the classroom. This practice has lead to a current crisis within nursing education as the average age of nursing faculty across the country keeps climbing and climbing. The best answer maybe for schools to start exploring their options for hiring younger faculty without the years and years of experience.

Most nursing graduates are satisfied with the staff nurse work schedule and as responsibilities. But there a few that seek advanced degrees specializing in nursing education. This rare breed of younger academics are eager to dive into the mechanics and theories of classroom education.

This morning, I explored a few educational based websites and only now realized that fusing nursing and education together is like building a bridge between two continents. In the past, my scope of nursing education has been limited to "nursing education". Now, I am starting to venture out in the broader education arena to see what can be gleaned into nursing education.

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